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    inte quad q8400


      hi all , my cpu temperature is showing between 39-42c on idle time , when i am working on autocad it is showing between 50-53c , i am workiing usualy on 3dmax ,while rendering on v-ray the render consume  the cpu at 100% speed (v-ray works like that) and the cpu temperature will reach up to 75c.....


      is that normal for full cpu load the temperature will go to 75c...?.

      i am using the stock cooler wich is came with the cpu by default , i am aslo using rear and front fan for air cycle inside my atxcase..

      my pc is one month old , and since i purchase it , it is like that.....


      please help......

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          YEh thta seems pretty normal. If you are worried about teh temps (which personally i wouldn't be) get a case with better airflow, or improve teh airflow in your case, and or get a thrid party fan for the CPU

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            hi ,

            thank you for your help, regarding my case i installed (2*fan) the rear one acting as an exhaust , and the front one will push the air inside , my case has already one built in above the cpu but i am not using becasue i did not notice any decreasing in the cpu temp any more ...so regarding the airflow i think it is good enough...

            i was only worried about the 75c temperature while rendering because some 3dmax scenes will take long time till finish rendering and i don't know if it is ok for the cpu to hold that much(2 or 3 hours) at 75c ...


            do you think it is ok for the cpu to work on 75c for maximum of 2 hours..?


            again thank you very much for reply..

            have a nice day..

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              To be honest with you CPUtemps is ne of those things, one say something the other something else.....

              Even identical CPUs, that lets say have come of the manufacturing belt at the sametime can vary regarding temperatures. So the spec on the Intel website should only be used as a guideline. For your CPU it say 71. NOw each CPU with it own max temp, as soon as it starts reaching that temp will start throttliong (slowing itself down) as to prevent dmage. Whilst it is throttling you will definately noticed a performance decrease. If it continous to get hot, it will reach it's max safe limit and will then shut itself down to prevent damage.

              Now in your case, if the CPU is not throttling and after three hours it hasn't gone up from 75 personally i wouldn't worry, the only thing that you will be doing is shortenning slightly teh life of your cpu, form say 20 years to 10. So really it comes down to you and your preference.


              As i said before personally i don't consider your temps anything to worry about too much, i have seen my e6600 get to 98 withou throttling itself.

              But at teh same time it is nic eot have as low temperatures as possible.

              The only way for you to do that would be to increase the airflow and / or change teh CPU fan for a thridparty one. But beware that that could void your warranty.


              Hope this helps.

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                hi , thanks for the help .

                i think i am going to keep monitoring the temp more to see if i can do more reduction by changing the cooling tech..


                thank you for your help....