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    Bad smell in a brand new unit?


      This is my first NUC so I don't know what to expect. Help me out, please!


      I bought a NUC6CAYH from Amazon and when it arrived the entire package had a very strong smell of mold / mildew. It was so bad that the smell adhered to my fingers and I just couldn't handle the unit or any of the materials that came with it - papers, the box etc. Amazon took the unit back and sent me a replacement.


      ....except that the replacement smells too. It's the same model, but built a month later (end of June instead of May) than the previous one and the smell isn't as bad as the first one; i.e. it still does smell pretty much the same, just much milder. I've been into computers from the 80s and have various Raspberry PIs, Arduinos and related components around the house so I know it's not the usual cozy "new electronics" smell, but instead a very sharp pungent smell, just like mold i.e. mildew. I took the unit outside to my balcony (it's near freezing where I live at the moment) to see if it helps to clear the smell, but it seems that especially the rubbery PSU cabling is worst affected.


      Am I going crazy or is this a common issue with NUCs???