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    A little help here please!


      Hi, I've just got a nice little X25-V SSD drive and reinstalled windows 7 on it this morning. Its only now that I realise that maybe I should have read a bit more before installing the OS. I was expecting Windows 7 to be up to the task.


      - I didnt activate AHCI on my BIOS before installing windows 7,

      - My drive got a older version B firmware,

      - Now when I try to install Intel Matrix Storage controllers, It give me a "your computer does not meet the required specifications..." message.


      I noticed that Superfetch and prefetching are ON in regedit. (I've turned them off)

      I dont know if TRIM is working at all.


      What would be the next steps for me to do? reinstall Windows 7 I guess... But can someone point me the importants stuff to do before and after the installation?


      Thanks in advance


      EDIT: My board is MSI p55m-gd45.