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    Q45/Q35 (No Serial Numbers)


      Hi all,


      First post on this board and this one may or may not be somewhat of a doosy.


      Background:  I wrote a script uses WIN32_BIOS queries to pull the SerialNumber property directly from the BIOS.  This works for the majority of the machines that I oversee.  However, it doesn't work for several of my machines and I have narrowed this down to my machines which have Q45/35 boards in them.  (Machines that have these boards were all purchased from the same vendor--not going to name any names in this...)


      I've manually gone through to check BIOS information (Additional System Information section) on a few of these machines and noticed that the System Information subsection and Chassis Information subsection are both completely BLANK.  The only subsection which is populated with any information at all is Desktop Board Information (which I have ZERO interest in at this time).  With all this in mind, here are my two questions:


      1.  Which of these subsections of Additional System Information corresponds with the WIN32_BIOS Serial Number property?

      2.  Is there a tool/application available in which I can add this information to a machine's BIOS either manually or remotely?  This is actually my first time experiencing anything like this.


      Soln: Use integrator toolkit/integrator assistant to set these.  Now how do I do this for remote machines?