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    New firmware issues


      We recently updated our production systems with production version of firmware 5.10.6.

      The Windows PC is connected to two D435.

      After the update the system fails to detect the cameras very often and it renders the system unusable.

      The cameras are not detectable even by the firmware update tool. I restart Windows once and it gets detected and the connection is lost in the middle. Restart again only one camera is detected.

      It is unfortunate to see such issues with production grade firmware. Has anyone faced similar issue with this firmware and resolved it?


      The last working version of the firmware was 5.9.13.


      Disconnecting and reconnecting the cable is not a solution - we don't have physical access to the boxes.


      Appreciate any help. Thanks.

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          Apparently we rolled back the production systems to firmware 5.9.13 and SDK 2.16.1 and things are back to normal.

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            Edit: as you have posted this case on the GitHub, I will let them provide a response about a possible cause for your problems with firmware 2.10.6.  As the GitHub is where the RealSense engineers and developers are, they are best placed to give advice on this.  Thanks, and have a great weekend!