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    RealSense R200 getting started


      I am starting my senior design project and currently have 2 RDKs with the UP boards and RealSense R200 cameras. I have been doing a load of research to figure out how to use their capabilities, the official startup guide from Intel has a lot of steps, but once it gets to using rviz I do not understand how the realsense can be used for anything. My main goal is to use the camera to help detect people for a mobile robot we are building, so I would like to be able to process the imaging to recognize if their are people / objects in front of it, in which case it would be able to take the data and tell a motor to stop moving the robot. I am not really understanding what platform I can use to do this type of application and rviz does not seem like something I would use. Are there any sources out there with very detailed instructions on how to get started with the realsense R200 and detect people / objects / depth and be able to process the data. Any information will help


      Thank you!