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    Wireless-AC 8260 not seeing the 5Ghz Band


      My laptop is a Thinkpad X1 Carbon 4th Gen.   Lenovo Product No. 20FBCTO1WW.  Lenovo BIOS version N1FET64W (1.38).  Windows 10 is totally up to date.  I did a "refresh my computer" to force installation of the latest operating system updates.  Lenovo Vantage reports everything is up to date for Lenovo-specific drivers and BIOS.


      My wireless router is a Belkin F9K1119 v2.  Latest firmware v. 2.02.05, 7/24/2018.  It has dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.


      My laptop is about 5 feet from the wireless router.


      I am able to use a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 just fine with the router.  Both bands show up fine and I have no issues with either.


      With the Lenovo, which has an Intel Wireless-AC 8260, I have the same problem described here: NUC6i5SYH Wireless-AC 8260 not seeing the 5Ghz Band in 2016.


      I followed all the troubleshooting suggestions on that Intel communities topic.  I tried resetting default settings in the BIOS.  I tried installing the latest Intel wireless driver from Download Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows® 10 .  (It gave me 20.80.0).  I tried setting it to 20MHz only, or auto.  No difference.


      I still have the same problem.  Actually, at the moment I cannot even see the 2.4GHz band connection.  Nope, there it is again.  Rarely, the 5 GHz band connection pops up, and I try to connect, but then it disconnects and disappears.


      I generally have no problem connecting this machine to a 5 GHz band at a cafe or elsewhere.  But there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with this router per se, because I can use it fine on the Surface Pro 4 on both bands.


      This laptop was fine until one or two BIOS upgrades ago.  I was able to use both bands without issue.  Now, I basically cannot use this laptop at home, unless I use the wired Ethernet connection.


      Unfortunately, it is out of warranty, so I have no way to access Lenovo technical support.  I have to ask you at Intel to collaborate with Lenovo behind the scenes to fix the problem.


      Thank you.