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    Slow download speed 2,4 ghz, Intel wireless-ac 9462


      Yesterday  i started a brand new laptop computer with an Intel wireless-ac 9462 adapter.

      I noticed that the download speed on 2,4 ghz is very low (less than 1 mbit/s), upload speed around 3 mbit/s. Only nearby the router (less than 2 meter) download speed gets a little better, max 6 mbit/s. Connection is fragile, regular disconnecting and reconnecting occurs.


      With a different laptop and iphone on the same 2,4 ghz network at the same place download speed is about 19 mbit/s, upload around 3 mbit/s.

      These speeds are normal for my network. Also tested the laptops and iphone on a different network comming from a different router, same problem.


      5 ghz seems to be working fine/better. Download speed at this network on the 9462 adapter is around 19 mbit/s, upload around 3 mbit/s. This is the same as on the laptop and iphone i am comparing.


      I have, after experiencing this problem, used several different by intel recommended settings for the adapter. This has not made a difference.

      Next i have updated windows 10. This did not make a difference. Then i have updated the driver of the 9462 adapter, this didn't make a difference.

      I have also checked all relevant settings on the two different routers i use, none of these changes made a difference.


      Can anyone help with this problem?