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    Which CPU should I choose ?

      Hello, If from the question you conclude that my knowledge of computers is not very good, then you are correct.

      I live in Japan at the moment, and want to buy a new desktop computer, which turns out to be quite complicated, as every OS is in japanese only.


      My question is, which CPU should I buy? I can choose between one desktop computer with an Intel®  Core™2 Duo Desktop Processor E7500 

      or another one with an Intel®  Core™ i3 Desktop Processor I3-530


      I will either install my XP sp3 or install windows 7.  I do not play games, but watch TV streams, other than the usual internet and e-mail services.... at the moment I using this hp notebook with a Celeron M which is getting to slow even for my standards  

      I cannot find any sensible comparison anywhere on the internet, so I am asking here, you should know....


      Thanks, John Grey, Tokyo