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    Swir, Lwir, or Flir sensor uses in D415?


      Apologies if this has been answered I am not finding the topic online and in fact it’s difficult to find much at all about the detailed hardware specifications such as model number, lense size, and control method for the 400 series cameras. I am asking because we have interest in performing various trials at our facility in conjunction with the D415/435 and this information will better help direct us. We are subsequently interested in  assembling a larger configuration for greater resolution and detail and would like to keep similar profiles so rather than see it has an ir camera that means very little when researching the first thing that pops up is night visio ccd camera’s and it’s obvious it is an image sensor of some type. Knowing the brand and model number of internal components will ease in finding the components to compile a more expensive alternative. Providing any link or responded information would be satisfactory. Thank you.

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          To further clarify i.e: is one camera a line sensor, other rgb, plus image sensor? Some of the line sense scanning cameras we’ve been looking at are anywhere from $300-$3500 just for thenone piece of hardware. Essentially we want to develop our own version using 1” sensors which obviously increases the development cost significantly. Being rather new to the technology it seems many options could be attributed to a industrial grade quality scan. Hopefully someone out here can help us out.

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            The link below discusses the pricing rationale when choosing components for RealSense.


            Re: RealSense D435 color image capture quality .


            Another customer asked about deep technical details of the RealSense hardware that are not documented in the past week.  They needed information such as component part references, i2c linkages and a bill of materials so they could design their own custom depth module.  They were informed by Intel that for such details, they should use the special Zendesk support portal for RealSense customers who have a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Intel.




            An excellent technical reference for the 400 Series cameras is their data sheet document, which contains a lot of details and schematics.  It also has some part numbers, such as the imaging sensors and USB connector (though does not have the eeprom part number).




            The product codes for the overall Depth Module components (D400 to D430), extracted from the data sheet, are shown below.

            The 'Standard' size imager on models D400 to D415 use the OmniVision OV2740 sensor for IR and RGB (only the D415 Depth Module has an RGB sensor).  The 'Wide' size imager, used on the D420 to D435 models, is the OmniVision OV9282.


            The Standard imager has a focal length of 1.88 mm, and the Wide imager has a focal length of 1.93 mm.


            For the 16 MB serial (SPI) flash memory used to store the firmware, the recommended part number from Issi - Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. SRAM, DRAM, FLASH, ANALOG, KGD, WAFER - is IS25WP016 or equivalent.


            The external sensor connector is provided by JST:  日本圧着端子製造株式会社

            The color Image Signal Processor (ISP) on the Vision Processor D4 board is:

            The part details for the 50 pin connector for the depth module are shown below.  The USB connector housings are usually supplied by IPEX..

            Here is the USB receptacle.

            And the USB plug:


            If you really want to go deep down the technical rabbit hole, there is a second 50-pin connector on the Vision Processor D4 board that was designed for a Tracking Module IMU or a custom RGB sensor.  Intel ultimately decided not to support customizations on that connector, but the physical hardware is still there.  It would require writing your own custom firmware to access though, so may not be worth the trouble.  Details of this connector, if you are interested, are on page 41 onward of the old January 2018 edition of the data sheet.




            An easier solution may be to see whether Intel proceed with releasing the D435i model they are considering, which is identical to D435 but has an added IMU.  If they do decide to release that model, it is hoped it will be available by the end of 2018.