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    There is no Sound!! ... Help the Noob!


      First of all thanks for helping.


      I have built my own computer, and the sound was working for a while now it has stopped. There is a log on sound but the log off sound crashes and i have to force shut down. If i try to load iTunes, or any games they won't load at all and crash. Youtube doesn't load properly either. i have the latest drivers from here and the right plugins for youtube, but can't work out whats wrong.


      Here are my computer specs :-

      3.00 Ghz dual core processer

      Intel DP45SG

      2GB RAM DDR3 1333MHZ

      5770 1GB Sapphire Card

      Windows 7 Ultimate 6 bit


      I have checked in my computer pref and i am running 64 bit and have got the 64bit drivers.


      Please can anyone help.





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          Have you tried reinstalling the audio drivers? Also, is this an onboard sound card? If it is, have you made sure that it is still enabled in the BIOS? If you are using another type of sound card, did you make sure your onboard sound was disabled?

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            Yes it is the onbard sound card. the BIOS is all correct. I did think this too, but am now stuck once checked the BIOS and the drivers and compatability.


            I have now reinstalled the drivers and had to connect headphones to the back I/O slot for them. and it seems to work but if i turn my computer off at the mains and then turn it on then the sound drivers have failed and i have to reinstall them at least twice berfore they work, with headphones or speakers plgged in.


            For me this is a problem because it is a gaming computer and i move it around abit going to LAN's and mates homes and i don't always have speakers or headphones with me. So the whole tower is useless if it goes anywhere.


            Thanks for your help though.