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    Rebuilding my PC using the Core2 Quad QX9650 Extreme processor




      I am rebuilding my computer using an MSI G31M3-F V2 (3 Audio Ports) main-board, socket LGA775, 4GB-DDR2 RAM, an Nvidia GT 220 1024MB DDR3 graphics card, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit operating system. The computer will be used for both video-rendering and 3D design graphics.


      The MSI website indicates that the Core2 Quad Q9650 processor ( with the appropriate divers ) will be suitable for the above mentioned main-board.

      My question is, will the Core2 Quad QX9650 Extreme processor be suitable to use, if so, will it perform better or faster than the Core2 Quad Q9650 processor?


      I have viewed their respective specifications, and note that apart from differences in their advanced technologies, the two processors are quite similar, and the Q9650 is a newer model as opposed to the QX9650 Extreme.


      I would welcome and appreciate your input.


      Thanking-you in advance.