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    BIOS on a DG43NB is not compatible with WIN 7


      I have a problem with my desktop computer. Ever since I installed WIndows 7 ultimate 32 the PC will work fine as long as I have a program running on my desktop, notepad, game, paint, etc. If the program is turn off and the pc is left alone to go to sleep ( is set to go to sleep after 5 minutes) the pc will not responde. You can move the courser all over and try to click at the icons with no luck. The only way I can bring it back from that satge is to push the on/off button. Microsoft is blaming Intel for this problem. Here is a compu of the the e-mail I got from them


      "I am following up regarding your Windows service request *****93169 regarding your issue w/ your Windows 7 computer's sleep issue. After a lengthy research regarding the matter it was determined that BIOS is out of date and that your system already carries the most updated BIOS and did not resolve the issue. It was concluded that the Operating system may have compatibility issues w/ your system's Sleep/ Hibernate state"


      Anyone out there that knows or have similar problem as mine?


      Thank you