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    X25-V Encryption

      Not sure where to direct this question so I thought I’d ask here. We recover data from various NAND based devices including flash drives and solid state hard drives. I had some free time and was looking at a X25-V solid state hard drive and noticed the controller (PC29AS21BA0) appears to encrypt the data stored on the NAND memory chips, in the technical documentation I couldn’t find any reference to this.


      It appears to use a streaming cipher but I can’t figure out what encryption method the drive is using. It also appears that if the NAND chips prematurely fail (ie: the data in specific areas become damaged beyond what the ECC algo can repair) the drive shows up with a capacity of 8MB.


      Can you provide me with the contact information for someone who may be able to answer these questions?

      What encryption method is used?
      What is / how can I retrieve the key when recovering the data?
      Does the PC29AS21BA0 controller in the X25-M G2 series also encrypt the data when writing to the NAND chips?



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          Hello, I would like to let you know that yes the Controller uses an algorithm to distribute the information on the NAND chips but how exactly is information that Intel® cannot disclose.

          Therefore there is no method to recover the data once that the drive is damaged.