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    intel(r) dual band wireless-n 7620 having a meltdown and frequently disconnecting.


      So I've had this problem for about a month and to be honest I made the mistake of tolerating it, but now I'm playing more internet intensive games and I can't allow myself to disconnect anymore.


      On my computer I have two network adapters like you can see https://i.imgur.com/4mLhHey.png. The one that I have been having an issue with is the network adapter "intel(r) dual band wireless-n 7620". Whenever I seem to do anything even remotely internet intensive it "nopes" out so quickly that my head spins. I've opened event viewer and https://i.imgur.com/VLTH9nZ.png is the first event I'll get, followed by https://i.imgur.com/koXvpoL.png and then a bunch of spam of network resets.


      Now, for diagnostics I have attempted:


      Disabling other network adapters does not fix the problem.

      I have tried turning off the check box for "Allow the computer to save power by turning off this device."

      I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling the network adapter, and that worked for a solid day. When I try to uninstall the network adapter now, however, it shows it being deleted; however, when I scan for hardware changes it appears to have reinstalled itself. I have no idea how I managed to uninstall it in the first place, but I cannot replicate it.

      I have tried using an ethernet cord and even that does not work, as I will still get disconnected from the internet seemingly at random.

      I have tried turning off the "green ethernet" in the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and that does nothing.

      Attempting a network reset fixes it for 4-5 hours and then it goes back to being stupid.

      I downloaded the WiFi_20 . 80 . 0_Driver64_Win10 . zip (remove spaces, I couldn't put it in because of the auto-hyperlink thing). I then ran both dpinst64 and iprodifix. The problem persists.


      I have had the problem for nearly a month now and I can pin it to one certain event: https://i.imgur.com/NVgt3ds.png . Now, I have absolutely no idea what the is/was, but ever since this happened my internet has been playing Russian Roulette with itself. It will not let me roll back the network adapter. Uninstalling the network adapter apparently does not keep it from automatically updating to the flawed latest version.


      Please help soon, thank you.