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    D415 Module : extract IR data


      Hi everybody,


      I am planning to buy the D415 module. For now I don't have any RealSense product, so please be indulgent and tell me if I am unclear.

      I haven't found my question on this forum.


      If I am right, D415 (module or camera) contains 3 OV2740 sensors : on the left/right imagers and on the color sensor.

      The color sensor has an IR filter, but not the imagers.

      I have read that you can access to the raw (unprocessed) stream of the left imager : Maximum Bit Depth for IR and RGB on D415

      But is it possible to extract IR and RBG (so no monochrome) from a sensor ?


      What I want to do :

      -> From one sensor : read RGB and IR data ;

           or from two sensors : I need to be able to overlap the pixels

      -> If needed, I can use a demosaicing algorithm to extract red and IR

      -> For each pixel, calculate an index from IR and red values

      I don't need depth information for this application.


      If someone could enlight me, I would be glad to listen him


      Thanks in advance!