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    Bios update screwed up the Raid settings


      I have a DQ45CB m/b, Q8400 CPU, 4Gb Ran, 2 320G H in a Raid-1 array. I loaded win 7 Pro, 64bit, and during the driver update, I updated the bios to the latest. The new bios reset the Raid setting to IDE, and although the drives still show as 1 drive, it seems to have caused some file damage,Outlook said the data was damaged, and would not open, as well as another program. I  reset the Bios to Raid, and restarted, now the outlook is fine, but windows explorer , mycomputer, and most of the start menu, and quick launch will not start/open.winot open, claims wimndows cannot find device or path. Anyone care to venture a guess, of what happened, or knows a fix.