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    Last windows update deleted my drivers


      I know that the October update of Windows was a mess, so I disabled updates, BUT Windows installed it anyway (THANK YOU). Now I have a big problem with drivers.
      I solved the problem with one intel audio driver, but not with the Intel High Definition DSP and with the graphic drivers (I have a Nvidia and when I start Nvidia Management it says "Can't find the name of Intel ICD OpenGL driver", so I can't update Nvidia driver as well).
      I have an Omen 15-ce014, with Windows 10. It is new, so I have no backups. I restored the pc, but nothing changed.

      I know that others opened a thread about this issue, but drivers are very tricky and I need a specific solution for my pc.
      Thank you if you have any suggestion to help me.


      PS Did Microsoft do anything to solve the issue? Or is it like "it's only about drivers, they can reinstall it and there's not our problem"?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi : We will assist you with this scenario.

          We recommend to install the drivers provided by the manufacturer of the  laptop, those drivers were customized by them to work with your specific platform.
          I looked for the drivers for your system and the model you gave us is not showing on HP's web site:

          Please follow the steps below to try to fix this problem:
          -Open Device Manager >Select "other devices", click on "Realtek HD audio" >Update driver
          -Click "Browse my computer for driver software" -Click "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer"
          -Click "Sound, video & Game devices" and Then proceed as normal
          -Select "Realtek" from manufacturer > Install Driver Version "", Not the updated ""
          If the problem persists after that then we can try the following steps:

          Perform a system restore to a point when the audio was working, and then update the graphics driver to version or newer.

          Steps to perform a System Restore on Windows® 10:
          -In the Search option located in the start menu type in Restore
          -Create a Restore Point' should show up as best match, click on it.
          -Click on 'System Restore'.
          -Click on 'Next' after the initial Wizard screen.
          -Select either 'Recommended' restore point or -Choose a different restore point' if you have manually made previous backups.
          -Select a restore point from the list of available options.
          -Click on 'Next' to finish.

          If the problem gets fixed after trying the steps above, the please install the latest graphics driver available for your system to avoid the problems described on the following link:  

          Alberto R.

          Intel Customer Support Technician    
          Under Contract to Intel Corporation