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    Depth Camera Module D430 Custom Board Information


      Is a schematic and bill-of-materials available for the depth camera module D430 board?


      Our system requires a different imager base line spacing and different optics than the standard D430 assembly.


      We would like to use the D430 circuit design and components on a custom board with a different form factor.




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          On large-volume orders, Intel are willing to try to accommodate customer needs with special designs, such as a different sensor or baseline distance.  So if you are going to have a large production run, that may be an efficient option for you.


          Shown below are examples of options for different baselines by special arrangement with customers that are not available in the consumer retail channels.

          You can contact through support.intel.com, or through the GitHub, or NDA customers can use their own Zendesk contact channel.


          It was stated in a recent Intel webinar that the camera lenses cannot be changed without breaking the camera. So if you wish to use your own sensor specification, that makes an Intel-arranged design a good idea (unless you are manufacturing your own depth module board completely and can integrate your own sensor choice by default)..


          If you would prefer to arrange your own design and manufacturing (for example, if you are doing a lower-volume production run or you need to assemble the product within your own country) , the data sheet for the 400 Series can provide much of the detail you require, except for a bill of materials.




          You would need a Vision Processor D4 component.  This can be obtained as a board or, if you need a certain form-factor that a board would be problematic with, put the D4 and supporting components directly on the motherboard of your product.


          You can also download CAD files for the D430 and the Vision Processor D4 from here:


          Downloads, Documents and Tools - Intel RealSense Depth Cameras

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            The D400 Series data sheet does not provide enough detailed information to design a custom depth camera board that can connect to the Intel Vision Processor D4 board.


            We would like design a board that can connect to the Vision Processor D4 board via its 50 position connector and have it be compatible with the D4 board hardware and software.


            There are no details about the I2C connections or addressing on the depth camera board.  Or the EEPROM or temperature sensor types.  Or the laser related signal details.


            It appears the D4 must use the I2C interface to communicate with the two imagers, EEPROM, and temperature sensor.


            We plan to use the same wide imagers P/N OV9282, but with different optics, which is the only part number is see for components on the depth camera board.


            The D400 Series data sheet may contain enough details to design the D4 processor onto our own motherboard but not enough details to design a custom depth camera board.




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              I think I gave the i2c and eeprom details to one of your DL colleagues in a private message last week, as they asked the same.  I will repost here what I said to them.



              You could try checking the earlier January 2018 edition of the data sheet, as the section relating to the tracking module was removed in the March 2018 edition onwards when Intel decided not to support customizations on the D4 board.


              If you do a search on the January doc for 'i2c', there are 28 references.  You can also find eeprom references by searching the doc for 'eeprom'




              Regarding other details such as part numbers: the impression I have is that if Intel does not specify a specific part then your own choice will work as long as it has the same values of voltage, resistance, etc as those specified in the data sheet.  Treat the specifications as a reference design to build your own design and innovations upon.

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                My colleague did forward your reply on October 12th but I did not find any of the details that I need to design our depth camera board.


                Yes, a search of the January 2018 data sheet did find 28 "i2c" matches but no details about addressing components on the depth camera board.


                I also found 13 "eeprom" matches but there is no part number for the eeprom.  I did notice that the temperature sensor appears to be in the eeprom.


                It does not look like the tracking module information is helpful in designing a depth camera board that can plug into your Vision Processor D4 Board 50 position connector.




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                  If I were looking to design a depth board, my own approach would be to design a depth module board that has a connector with a similar pin-out to the RealSense depth module's pin-out.  Then you could build a custom cable or short rigid interconnector board to connect your own-design module to the 50 pin connector on the D4 board that the Intel depth module normally connects to.


                  Page 43 (figure 3-10) of the data sheet below lists the pin-out for the depth module receptacle.



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                    Exactly, that is what I would like to do but I cannot find enough detailed information about the D430 board to do the circuit design.


                    Figure 3-10 on page 43 is where I started but without more details about what in on the D430 depth camera board and how it is wired I cannot do the design.


                    Our volume, at least initially, is probably not high enough to get much help from Intel.


                    A schematic and bill-of-materials would enable me to do the design without any Intel support.


                    A table of I2C addresses, an eeprom part number, and laser related signal diagrams for the D430 board would go a long way to helping do the circuit design.




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                      I've researched your needs extensively and unfortunately cannot locate the details you require anywhere.  If Intel are willing to disclose them, your best option would be to ask at the RealSense GitHub, where the RealSense engineers are.  you can do this by going to the link below and clicking the New Issue button.


                      Issues · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub