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    PyLibRealsense Saving Aligned PointCloud




      I see there is an example for creating a pointcloud from color and depth frames and saving it as a .ply (export_ply_example.py), and I also see an alignment example (align_depth2color.py).

      But, is there an example for saving an aligned pointcloud as a .ply file?


      I took a piece of code from export_ply_example.py (marked in red) and put it into align_depth2.color.py as shown below.


      pc = rs.pointcloud()

      points = rs.points()


      # Streaming loop


          while True:

              # Get frameset of color and depth

              frames = pipeline.wait_for_frames()

              # frames.get_depth_frame() is a 640x360 depth image


              # Align the depth frame to color frame

              aligned_frames = align.process(frames)


              # Get aligned frames

              aligned_depth_frame = aligned_frames.get_depth_frame() # aligned_depth_frame is a 640x480 depth image

              color_frame = aligned_frames.get_color_frame()



              # Generate the pointcloud and texture mappings

              points = pc.calculate(aligned_depth_frame)

              print("Saving to 1.ply...")

              points.export_to_ply("1.ply", color_frame)



              # Validate that both frames are valid

              if not aligned_depth_frame or not color_frame:



              depth_image = np.asanyarray(aligned_depth_frame.get_data())

              color_image = np.asanyarray(color_frame.get_data())







      However, the resulting pointcloud is still not aligned.


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