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    i3 530 supports HDMI CEC or not?


      I have a HDMI CEC enabled monitor, a Samsung P2470HD, but it does not detect the built-in graphics chip of the i3 530 as HDMI CEC capable. Worse, when Windows 7  turns off HDMI output, e.g. when going into power saving, the Samsung does not turn off the display, it only shows a "no HDMI signal" message n the screen. My understanding is that HDMI, unlike analog VGA and DVI, needs a special "turn off" command to be sent using the CEC protocol. On my Samsung, there's an option that controls whether this command is obeyed or not. It's enabled by default, but still turning off the screen does not work. So, I suspect the i3 chip's graphics don't send the right CEC command or don't support CEC at all since the Samsung doesn't see my computer as CEC capable. Any solutions for this, (other than switching to DVI)?

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          my i3 530 works fine with a HDMI monitor in power save mode.  It does not us CEC to do this, just goes to sleep and the monitor shuts off but it's partly up to the monitor and all the incapatibilities of the POS HDMI interface.  I have an ASUS monitor that does not go to sleep in HDMI mode never. so it might be your monitor.


          I have another problem with the i3 in that 2 HDMI monitors I have must be power cycled every time the i3 machine goes to sleep, they montors work fine with sleep mode with other video cards so it seems to be an i3 issue, or another POS HDMI interface problem.