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    Are 3165 and 9260 adapters interchangeble?


      Can anyone tell me if Intel 3165 and 9260 wireless adapters are interchangeble?


      I tried to replace an Intel 3165 adapter with a 9260 one in my Windows 10 computer and even though they look the same and it fit in the mini slot fine it was not recognized when Windows started.


      I noticed two differences in the cards:

      1) the 9260 has one extra gold contact (under the letter E)

      2) the little black and white triangles by the two antenna attachments were reversed (although they are numbered the same)


      I am unclear if the 9260 adapter is not compatible with my system (since it was not recognized) or whether it requires the antenna wires to be reversed to be recognized.


      Has anyone replaced a 3165 adapter with a 8260?