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    Using custom cameras with D4 processor board


      Because we have a unique operating environment for our depth cameras, we are considering using a D4 processor board and integrating two custom MIPI cameras. While this seems theoretically possible and the documentation (https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/emerging-technologies/intel-realsense-technology/Intel-RealSen… ) gives details about the physical specifications and the pinouts, there is no detail on the D4 firmware side of the integration. Do we have to write our own firmware? Can we use the firmware that is already on the D4 camera (if so, where can we find more documentation about what kinds of cameras we need to source)? I know the firmware is not open-sourced and Intel does not plan to open-source it, but some details about it that are required for integration would be great to have so we can more effectively do our own integration.


      I see through the forums that there is a way to sign an NDA with Intel so they can share some of this information with us - what is the process for doing so?