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    D435 with custom lenses


      We have a unique operating environment for a depth camera, and we need to choose our own lenses for our application and / or a set of hardware lens filters. Is this something we can do with either the D435 camera or the D430 stereo module? Are there any gotchas we need to know about? We would need to recalibrate the cameras - will the calibration procedure with the calibration tool work?

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          Intel recently stated during an online webinar session that the camera lenses can not be changed without breaking the camera.  On large volume orders though, Intel are willing to work with companies on custom designs.


          Intel also have some RealSense camera configurations that are not available through consumer retail channels and can be supplied to customers that Intel have special agreements with.  You can contact through support.intel.com, or through the GitHub, or NDA customers can use their own Zendesk contact channel.


          An example of exotic configurations is a camera with a longer baseline.