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    Nuitrack & Realsense not working.



      So my company bought a Intel Realsense d415 and we want to create a demo with Unity3D, C# & Nuitrack since intel realsense doesn't seem to support anything hand/skeleton tracking related.

      I have downloaded and imported the package, however if I try to run anything even sample scene’s I get: DllNotFoundException: libnuitrack

      I have followed this video below to put the environment path so that should be correct.




      I also checked my nuitrack.net.dll and have put it on any platform in the inspector. What else do I need to do besides importing the package and setting the environment variable?

      When i start a scene right now I get the errors it can’t find the DLL and the scene itself doesn’t do anything. No camera is displaying/working

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          I will link the community member westa into this case to seek their input, since they are among the most experienced users of the Nuitrack SDK with a RealSense.camera.

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            Hi pk,

            Before starting with unity ... I would suggest you first get the sample in the runtime working.


            The error you are seeing is because nuitrack can't locate the files it needs.

            The sdks and the runtime are different packages ... You need to install both ideally.


            First start with the realsense sdk ... Download it from Intel ... 2.15 is the release that is matched to nuitrack ... Download and install this ...


            Run the realsense viewer ... It will likely tell you to update your firmware ...



            Do this first ... As Intel ships old firmware.


            You should see an image and such from the sensor.


            Make sure also that the viewer reports a connection to USB 3.0 or preferably USB 3.1. ...  Nuitrack requires this ... Not USB 2.0.


            Next the nuitrack runtime ... Download and unpack into a folder path that had visibility to all users ... Do not unpack it to your desktop folder or user folders.


            I would suggest C:\nuitrack\ is best.

            Then make sure the permissions on the folder allow everyone full read write execute access.

            Then set the environment variable and the path as described in the install notes ... Again making sure that you set these to at system level not user level.


            If you have unpacked the runtime correctly the environment variable should point to


            The path should be set to



            There should also be a data folder and an activation folder in there.


            Go to the activation folder and run the nuitrack.exe ... It will let you test if things are setup correctly.


            If everything is good you should see an image from the sensor during the test


            Now download and install the nuitrack sdk ... And again put it in a public path ... C:\nuitrackSDK\


            Now you should be setup to start testing with unity.



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              Hi westa,


              First of all thank you so much for the detailed steps. I did all that yesterday but must've overlooked something as it's working now. So thank you!


              However, In the sample scene PointCloud I get a view and see myself. So that seems to be working, but the other scenes don't. The camera turn on (If i look at the camera the red light is on) but it doesn't recognize me. In the segment example scene, it keeps saying user not found. Other scenes don't work either except pointcloud.

              Does my whole body need to be visible? As only my upperbody is in the camera view. (I'm testing behind my PC) I was excited to test the gallery example with the hand gestures for example, but it doesn't do much... I checked with debugging and the sekeltondata check from CurrentUserTracker is reached but is always 0. I'm testing in scene, not actually building the project by the way.



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                Hi Patrick,

                You should post your question to the Nuitrack Community here: https://community.nuitrack.com/ 



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                  I already did! Maybe this helps someone walking into the same problem as I did!