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    Custom bios splash screen made windows activation disappear


      Hi, I bought an intel nuc NUC7i5BN from a local vendor, the pc was assembled by the vendor and the same for the OS(installed).

      I just wanted to put my custom bios according to this guide:

      Create a Custom Logo or Splash Screen on Intel® NUC

      after following every step, and a couple of restarts later the windows activation stopped working this happened on 5 different pcs(I made the same operation on 5 NUC7i5BNs)

      the bios screen was updated with my logo btw.

      I contacted Microsoft support, after a couple of failed attempts the Microsoft person offered me to purchase a windows key for a symbolic price.

      I did but I have 4 more PCs that don't have activation.

      Is there something I can do to get the activation keys back?

      -Restore point doesn't work because there isn't one

      -The computers were not linked to my Microsoft account.