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    Intel SA 00075 Not being installed -  stuck in installing


      HI I am having a bit of a problem with my last domain with the deployment of the Intel SA 00075.


      I am able to deploy the discovery tool to all of the workstations and it is reporting back with no issues, but when I try and sequence to install the firmware, I have found that the TS just sits within the Software Center with the word installing. and nothing happens.


      I have gone through the AppDiscovery and App Enforce log files and I am not able to see any issues in there, and I also check the smsts log and this also don't show anything usefully.


      A quick back story which I think might be coursing this is that I had to rebuild my Config Manager server 3 times was the Intel discovery / Firmware was going out, and I think that this might be a part of the issue.


      I am able to manual install the software with no issues and then the Intel Discovery see's the new firmware and update the database but I am just having issue is the deployment of the firmware to this domain.


      Has anyone else had this issue ? or know a way to reset the workstation to a point that it no long anything able the INTEL firmware update to see if this can resove the issue.