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    NUC 7i3DNHE Questions about connect eDP a Flat panel display through edp interface


      I have a intel miniPC NUC7i3DNHE, and I want to connect  a LG Flat panel display through edp interface(LP156WF6-SPA1,which Is in the official recommendation list, http://compatibleproducts.intel.com/ProductDetails?EPMID=122498 ) .

      Question 1: I connect them with the following line order:

      eDP.pngLG LCD.png

                                                     NUC eDP line order                                                                                                       LG LP156WF6-SPA1 line order


      line order01.png

                                                    connectjion line order


      but with this order, the flat panel display is no response when i power on the NUC.

      Then I find the eDP_pin32(BL_ENABLE) and eDP_pin33(BL_PWM_DIM) are in the low level(0V), so I connect LCD_pin22/23 with eDP_pin25/26(high level 3.3V), and power on the NUC again. At this time, backlight of the flat panel display is work, but the display is still no signal.


      so I hope someone tells me where the problem is?


      Question 2: why my NUC bios items are less than the NUC TPS?

      Because I cann't let the flat panel display work properly, I think maybe something wrong with the bios setting. But only 2 items about flat panel display in the bios-->Devices-->Video.(right part of the pic)


      in the TPS, page 24/25, there are 5 items.

      bios eDP.png

      I guess Maybe the bios  hides the relevant settings automatically, becaues NUC failed to recognize display.

      But how can i let the NUC recognize LP156WF6-SPA1?

      LP156WF6-SPA1 Is in the official recommendation list, why bios cann't recognize it?