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    Is it normal for cpu pins and motherboard to get burnt due to long usage?


      This is follow up to query about memory channel A not working(Only channel B memory working, Channel A gives POST error "no memory installed" ) . After looking at technical documents, I could not figure out cause of memory channel A not working. So, I send my complete server to dealer center to initiate warranty return.


      My dealer checked the system and just now sent me pictures of serverboard and CPU and they appear to be burnt.(Pictures attached). Now, my dealer has informed me that since there appears to burning, warranty might be rejected for both motherboard and CPU.


      I have been using this system for past 2 and half years with heavy usage and only couple of days ago, Memory channel A not working was first sign of trouble.  I regularly monitor cpu temperature during usage and cpu core temperatures did not rise above 70 C during usage. So, I want to know if it is normal for cpu and serverboard pins to get black due to heavy usage. If yes, will Intel still reject warranty claim since I have used server too heavily. If no, what are the possible reason my serverboard and CPU have got burnt so that I can take better care of my other server.


      Motherboard is Intel S1200V3RPS and cpu is Intel Xeon 1245v3.