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    Only channel B memory working, Channel A gives POST error "no memory installed"


      I am using Intel serverboard S1200V3RPS. This board has 4 memory slots viz. Channel A having A1 and A2 slots and Channel B having B1 and B2 slots. My system is working fine when I insert ram sticks in B1&B2 slots or only B1 slot. But if I put ram stick in A1 or A2 slots, then POST error lights give out code 1110 1000 - No usable memory installed. Anytime a memory stick is placed in A1 or A2 slots (irrespective of whether B1 and B2 are populated or empty), I get no usable memory error.


      I have reset BIOS, plugged out all power connectors and connected them again, reseated CPU in cpu socket,disconnected harddrives and dvdrom but problem is still the same. I am using this board for past 2 and a half years and suddenly yesterday system refused to boot up.


      Please let me know what other steps I should try before turning it over to intel dealer for warranty.