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    DP55KG  cpu throttle wont turn off


      I have the latest bios installed 4905 april 1. and I can not get the CPU throttle to turn off.   I turn CPU idle state to high performance which is supposed to lock the multiplier. disable speed steping and disable turbo mode. and the cpu throttle is still on and active. it shows as on in the desk top control panel and the cpu continues to be throttled back when in an idle state.


      any ideas on how to turn this off. its causing problems for me when i am trying to overclock.


      I have a i5-750 processor.

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          I would really like an answer from someone from Intel on this before I have to rollback my bios.


          is this a known issue with the latest bios ? if not then you need to look into it.


          it shut off the first time i tried it  now it wont turn off at all.


          also when you set the bios to default settings  it does set it but it dosnt change any of the settings you made in it. so you can no longer see what was the default settings. this is unusual behavior for a Bios I have never seen this.


          is this the correct behavior ?


          This is my first Intel board  I figured Intels top of the line board would be worth a try but if I cant even get an answer from support on a simple question it will be my last intel board.


          or is this not the correct place to ask for support from intel ?