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    DX 58 SO Bios question


      I am having a problem with my Core I7 running hot (all stock speeds and cooler) on an Intel DX58 SO motherboard.  I read in several places that disabling the hyperthreading can cut down somewhat on the heat, so I wanted to try it.  But when I go to enter the BIOS, it asks for a "supervisor password" which I don't believe I ever set up and won't let me access the hyperthreading.  Can someone please let me know what I have to do here?  I have removed and reseated the cooler and it has not helped the temps.  I am waiting on a cooler from another manufacturer, which hopefully will be better, but I'm very disappointed that at STOCK settings my processor is hitting 100 C in stress tests.  Any help would be appreciated.

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          To get rid of the password you will need to go in maintenance mode and clear passwords.

          Regarding teh temps, they are not normal, did you assemble the system yourself? is the fan on correctly? what about the TIM? and your casedoes it have good airflow?

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            Thanks for the response.  What is maintenence mode?   The heat issue was finally resolved the third time I installed the heat sink.  What was happening was that one of the little black pins in one of the clips had broken and although it appeared that the heat sink was tight and solid, it wasn't.  Replaceing the pin, replacing the thermal grease and refastening did the trick.  Temps are now a LOT better, and its running fine.  In the mean time I bought a bigger heat sink that I coudn't put on due to the fact that my fingers can't reach under the heat sink to push the pins down.  Probably will just use it in another build, probably for an AMD where I'll hopefully be able to work the lever better than the pins in the Intel.  The Big Shuriken heat sink is impressive looking, but doesn't do me any good if I can't put it on lol, though I'm sure it would make a very interesting knick knack..

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              Hi i am glad you got it sorted!!!!

              Maintenance mode, iskinda like an override that takes you straigh inot BIOs when you boot and gives oyu an extra menu, where you cna clear passwords etc!!!

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                Guys if someone can help me
                i have 3 pc's with Dx58 So motherboards after a while of working a blue screen pop up and the pc restart....
                PC specs:

                Intel DX58SO

                3.20 GHz - i7-960 8M/LGA1366

                Kingston DDR3-1333 16GB

                3TB WD1002FAEX 7200RPM S-ATAII 64MB Black Edition

                Inno3D Geforce GTX 465 1GB DDR5 Dual w/TV

                2 Viewsonic VA-926

                19" TFT

                LG GH24NS50-24X DVDRW - Dual Layer SATA Black

                ThermalTake VM20001W2Z Armor 60 case

                Thermaltake TR-800P TR2 Bronze 800W PSU

                MGE Eaton E-Series NV 1400H 1400VA UPS

                As i know the blue screen is a hardware error....dunno where it is...
                and i am connecting to the board firewire connection
                Thank u in advanced for ur help