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    No create button in RST


      Win 7

      HP Desktop RP5800

      Raid enabled in bios

      RST ver.

      Option Rom

      Bios Ver. 2.28 ( latest)

      ( 2 ) 500 GB. SATA Non Member

      System drive PORT 0,  4 partitions, has 11 GB free at end

      Second drive PORT 1   blank

      I have read the RST User guide, I believe I have all requirements for Raid Ready Section 7.2

      I have read many posts about this, mainly stating that there needs to have some free space on the drive, but still cannot get the CREATE button to display.

      The system drive was imaged last year, but the installer did not set the drives as Members before installing the image. There is a lot of data on the drives and would take a few hours to obtain a new current image reset the drives to members and reimage. The site is a  24 hr. high volume restaurant and we are trying to minimize downtime.