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    Can you upgrade/improve the Samsung R519 laptop?


      Hello, I would like to ask what possible upgrade I could make to my laptop. I currently have a Samsung R519, with a Intel celeron duel-core T3000 processor, and 2gb of ram. I also have windows 7 64-bit and the Mobile Intel® GL40 Express Chipset. I was wondering, how would I go about upgrading the laptop in general like more RAM, better processor and graphics (if possible).


      Basically the questions are:


      Could I upgrade my processor and put in a new processor such as a norml Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor or something better?

      Could I upgrade my graphics and put in a better graphics card if I have a new proecessor and stuff, and could it beone of intel's better ones or like nvidia or ati models?

      Finally, what RAM would I be able to put into the laptop, it has two slots for 200-pin SODIMM? (googled it, i'm not technically clued up, unfortunetly )


      I know the best/easiest would be to buy a new laptop however, I'm NOT looking to make an amazingly fast laptop, I really just want to see what is the BEST possible that I can UPGRADE or IMPROVE it to BECOME. So like what are the options as far as processor, ram and graphics (if possible to upgrade of course).


      The main reason I'm asking is because I've seen the R519 Samsung model with different processors and rams and cards inside, so I assume that such upgrades are possible.


      Thank-you for any and all help/information.

      Note: I wasn't sure which thread to post this in as it's not only specific to processors or graphics and stuff so I apologise if it's in incorrect place.

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          ok, so oyu can't really upgrade the graphics.

          In terms of memory and CPU, it is probably more than likley that you cna upgrade, but you will need to do one of teh following things to findout exactly what and how much.( ie how much ram or what CPU):

          1. Talk to samsung they sghould know what theior system can be updated with and to.

          2. If tehy dont help, you will eitehr need to look at similar laptops to see what they have and try those compoennts (like you have said you saw another model)

          3.  contact teh actual motherboard manufacuter.

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            Thanks for the info. I emailed Samsung before I posted here but as of yet I haven't received a reply. In terms of the processor or gfx card can anyone provide any additional information as they both Intel products?


            Thanks again for any help.