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    Windows parallel processing


      Im an old time computer user, from the Pong days the C64/128, Amiga, intel...

      And Im looking at what is happening with MS, and wondering IF/WHEN they will make a jump to parallel processed boards.

      They are topping out on the current hardware, and about to Burn a hole in everyones desk.  I can NOW heat my Very old small home with 2 computers int he winter..(NOT LYING)..

      The only advancement I can see is IF, they change the hardware to parallel..

      The Current bus architecture, isnt fast enough, and the bandpass on the Current hardware cant handle it..

      The CPU is fine( I would think) but the rest of the hardware is TRYINg to keep up..


      Any Ideas?

      Can Parallel processed be done with the Current windows..and how much of a change would happen with a full upgrade?

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          Al Hill

          You will have to ask Microsoft your question. 


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            Thats like asking a 12 year old how he likes Spinach..

            MS refused, when Intel asked to change in about 1999, to a parallel processed mobo..


            i say, Why ask..If the programming dont matter much, just do it..  Their server software MUST have some of it in it..

            They even added some of the workers that created another version of Windows that was parallel processed and server designed..

            Windows NT..  I think they destroyed everything from NT..

            Their current idea is to Merge the programming of Phone, Console, desktop into 1 format that drivers and such will transfer between the different versions..(Stupid)..

            And a serial based hardware is about to break down from all the power being SHOVED thru it..(IMO)

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              Al Hill

              But, we cannot tell you what Microsoft was/is/will do with windows.


              Sounds like your complaints are with Microsoft.  Complaining here about Microsoft is like complaining to Dixie Cup about the coffee.



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                But if a new board design/format could be made that will run windows, even with abit of modification to the programming...

                AND INTEL DOES IT FIRST...


                Or is the OS so dedicated to the serial processed design, that it cant be changed??