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    Intel NUC NUC8I7HVK AC 8265 Wifi Slow


      I'm getting pretty poor wifi on my new NUC with AC 8265 Wifi.   I've got 150Mb internet, and am getting around 25mb down consistently.  If I tweak some settings on the advanced settings of the NIC, I can get a little more than that, but not much.   With my macbook pro in the same location, I am getting close to 150mb down, which is what I typically get from all my devices, wired or wireless.


      I've tried 2 different routers to see if it follows, the NUC has slow speed regardless compared to all my other devices.  


      I've updated bios, updated latest drivers, tried enabling/disabling Intel Connection settings for the SSID, nothing really changes.  The best luck I have had, was to totally delete the driver from Intel thru device manager, reboot, and let Windows pick the best one, I was able to get closer to 50mb down.  Updating to latest intel drivers,, speeds go back to 25mb.  Copying files from my NAS on my LAN is also about the same speed, while other devices all much faster.


      Attached is the SSU output of my system.  Running Win 10 enterprise, latest 1803 release.


      Thanks for any advice.



      "Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265"

                          Access Point:"e2:55:6d:af:b7:10"


                          Availability:"Running or Full Power"

                          - "Caption":"Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265"




                          CoInstallers:"Not Available"

                          Connection Mode:"Auto Connect"

                          Default IP Gateway:""

                          DHCP Enabled:"Yes"

                          DHCP Lease Expires:"10/02/2018 09:48 AM"

                          DHCP Lease Obtained:"10/01/2018 10:35 AM"

                          DHCP Server:""


                          Driver Date:"07/10/2018 12:00 AM"

                          Driver Path:"C:\Windows\system32\drivers\Netwtw06.sys"

                          Driver Provider:"Intel"

                          Driver Version:""



                          INF Section:"Install_MPCIEX_GENM21_8265_AC_2x2_HMC_WINT_64_AC"

                          Install Date:"Not Available"


                          IP Address:";fe80::8f4:c2ea:e928:d917"

                          IP Subnet:";64"

                          Last Error Code:"Not Available"

                          Last Error Code Description:"Not Available"

                          Last Reset:"10/01/2018 10:24 AM"

                          Location:"PCI bus 6, device 0, function 0"

                          MAC Address:"0C:54:15:EB:35:8E"

                          Manufacturer:"Intel Corporation"

                          Media Type:

                          Net Connection ID:"Wi-Fi"


                          Network Name:"EKFA"

                          Network Type:"Infrastructure"

                          Number of VLANs:"0"

                          PNP Device ID:"PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24FD&SUBSYS_10108086&REV_78\4&1A9424EB&0&00E2"

                          Port:"Not Available"

                          Power Management (Low Power):"Not Available"

                          Power Management (Wake On LAN):"Not Available"

                          Power Management (Wake on Magic Packet):"Not Available"

                          Power Management Capabilities:"Not Available"

                          Power Management Supported:"No"

                          Product Type:"Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265"


                          Radio Type:"802.11ac"

                          Receive Rate:"86.7 Mbps"

                          Service Name:"Netwtw06"

                          Signal Strength:"75%"



                          Team Name:"Not in a team"


                          Transmit Rate:"86.7 Mbps"

                          Type:"Ethernet 802.3"

                          - "Service Bindings"

                               Client for Microsoft Networks:

                               File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks:

                               Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4):

                               Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6):

                               Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver:

                               Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder:

                               Microsoft LLDP Protocol Driver:

                               QoS Packet Scheduler:

                          - "Settings"

                               *DeviceSleepOnDisconnect:Sleep on WoWLAN Disconnect:"Disabled (0)"

                               *PacketCoalescing:Packet Coalescing:"Enabled (1)"

                               *PMARPOffload:ARP offload for WoWLAN:"Enabled (1)"

                               *PMNSOffload:NS offload for WoWLAN:"Enabled (1)"

                               *PMWiFiRekeyOffload:GTK rekeying for WoWLAN:"Enabled (1)"

                               *WakeOnMagicPacket:Wake on Magic Packet:"Enabled (1)"

                               *WakeOnPattern:Wake on Pattern Match:"Enabled (1)"

                               ChannelWidth24:Channel Width for 2.4GHz:"Auto (1)"

                               ChannelWidth52:Channel Width for 5GHz:"Auto (1)"

                               CtsToItself:Mixed Mode Protection:"RTS/CTS Enabled (0)"

                               FatChannelIntolerant:Fat Channel Intolerant:"Disabled (0)"

                               IbssTxPower:Transmit Power:"5. Highest (100)"

                               IEEE11nMode:802.11n/ac Wireless Mode:"802.11ac (2)"

                               MIMOPowerSaveMode:MIMO Power Save Mode:"Auto SMPS (0)"

                               RoamAggressiveness:Roaming Aggressiveness:"3. Medium (2)"

                               RoamingPreferredBandType:Preferred Band:"1. No Preference (0)"

                               ThroughputBoosterEnabled:Throughput Booster:"Disabled (0)"

                               uAPSDSupport:U-APSD support:"Disabled (0)"

                               WirelessMode:802.11a/b/g Wireless Mode:"1. 5GHz  802.11a (17)"