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    Intel AC 7260 bluetooth connection interrupted/paused


      Hi there, I've change my old wireless card to Intel AC 7260 (7260.HMWWB.R) for few weeks. It's ok on Internet connection. However, when using bluetooth devices, it often has interrupts, about every 30 - 60mins. For example, my headphone has repeated voice in slow speed (just like playing an old scratched disc music) for few secs. With my mouse, it's interrupted for few secs while moving. Sometimes it's totally lost connections with devices although it still shows that 2 devices connected.

      I've made a double check with another bluetooth mice but the problem is still there. However, my friend doesn't have any problem if they using my stuff.

      I'm using Sony Vaio FIt 14" laptop (SVF14A16SGS), Windows 10 Home 64-bit (Build 17134).

      Bluetooth driver:

      Please let me know what should I do. Thanks in advance!