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    Gaming issue


      Hello, I have recently bought a computer with a dh55tc chip set with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium and it works perfectly.


      However, I can't play FIFA 10 online.  I have been told this is an audio driver issue.


      Originally it would let me get to the stadium to play a match and then a 'FIFA 10.exe has stopped working' box would appear and  I was booted. I downloaded the latest audio driver AUD_allOS_5964_PV_RTL.exe dated 11/2/2009 and managed to have ONE online game but now it won't get past the screen that says 'loading' before the 'FIFA 10.exe has stopped working' box appears.


      Has anybody got any suggestions as to what to  try next. I have uninstalled and  reinstalled FIFA but it has not improved.