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    I am finding short between VCC and GND pins of EP1K100QI208-2 IC  very frequently..any idea what could be the reason other that ESD.


      1. EP1K100QI208 -2 IC been used in some of my old design and when i assemble the board into unit and power on , observing regulator failure ( getting smoked) which are supplying power to this IC

      2. After failure if check, EP1K100QI208 -2 IC having short between VCC and GND.

      3. when i take out failed regulator, all passive in that path like de-caps and all, still there is short.

      4. my doubt is whether the EP1K100QI208 -2 IC is going bad due to regulators ..? or regulators are going bad due to EP1K100QI208 -2 IC..? 

      5. i think  EP1K100QI208 -2 IC going bad due regulator is having very less chances as regulators are having over current shutdown.


      I am not able to find root cause...Please help or suggest to find the root cause and fix it.