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    Small Object Tracking with the D415 Camera



      In my application i want to track the location of small ball with a diameter between 2-5 mm , camera distance 0.8 m max.

      Is the camera a suitable tool for that purpose or are there better alternatives for my problem ?

      How big of a problem is the camera noise?

      I read that, that is/was a problem with the 400 series.


      Is there sombody out there with expericen for this kind of problem ?

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          The D415 has less depth noise over distance than the D435, so if minimizing noise is important to your project then it is a good choice in that respect.


          The D415 is also suited to scanning small objects.


          Both the D415 and D435 could track an object at 0.8 m.  If you need to get close to the ball though, the D435 has a smaller minimum distance (0.2 m) than the D415 (whose minimum distance is 0.3 m).