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    OEM antenna FCC certification



      we choose flexible plannar antennas Molex 146153-1300 to our currently developed product that has internal PC motherboard with M2 PCI slot. 

      Antennas will be used with Intel 9260NGW.NV wireless module.

      Unit will be sale worldwide including EUR, US, Canada, Korea and New Zealand.


      Do we need any additional certification to use this antennas with Intel wifi module?

      Do you have any further information on this?


      We presume, that we can just use any internal wifi antenna that will be suitable to our design with Intel wifi module and than use FCC ID of that wifi module.

      Because antenna is passive part and is in range specified by table above, we assume that it does not need any other FCC certifiction. Correct? 


      Please let me know if there is any question, 

      Thank you