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    igdkmd64/i3 540 crashing widows 7 x64, no bsod but occastionally a .dmp file


      I am getting a crash when playing  video, particularly full screen video, on my i3 540 HTPC.  Usually there  is no .dmp file, but I have gotten 3 of them from the daily crashes in  LiveKernelReports.   The problem is semi-intermittent, but nearly  exclusively happens when playing video.  Out of the 50 or so crashes, 1  of them happened at desktop.


      When playing the video, the system will  freeze.  The display will present with ~14 columns, alternating between  clean display and garbled.  The garbled columns appear like stacked =  signs, about 20px high each, with alternating garbage and clean display  (iirc.).   Anyway, it always presents the same way, leading me to  believe it is a video issue.  Also, on reboot the machine needs to get  through post with video off, then rebooted again to get video out to  work.  This issue is the same using dvi=>hdmi or hdmi, but hdmi is  even touchier.


      All drivers are up to date already, by manual inspection and according  to the intel software update scanning tool.  The latest video is 2104,  which I have. Chipset & video bios are all current.  Bios is flashed  to latest.  All the basic bases have been covered.


      I doubt it  is a heat issue, since I can:

      1. Run 4 threads of  distrubited.net (max 100% on both cores, as well as the 2 fake HT cores)
      2. Run  FurMark  at the same  time, stressing the GPU directly
      3. Do this for 24 hours, in  the same enviroment
      4. Voltages all look fine, no spikes or drops  according to HW monitor and several other monitoring tools.



      i3 540 stock

      asus p7h55m-pro

      toshiba  46" lcd - 1080p

      4gb ddr3 mushkin, 600W ocz psu,1 wd hdd, 1 dvd


      The 3  minidumps all point to igdkmd64.sys.  I have them to attach,  but can  not in this forum software.  They look sorta like this, but this is from  the previous (2086 build) if I am not mistaken.  I have not had a crash  produce a .dmp file since then, it usually goes down too fast.


      Probably   caused by : igdkmd64.sys ( igdkmd64+1cc60 )

      !analyze -v

      Arg1: fffffa8006a184e0, Optional   pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
      Arg2: fffff88004833c60, The pointer into responsible device driver   module (e.g owner tag).
      Arg3: 0000000000000000, The secondary driver  specific bucketing key.
      Arg4: 0000000000000000, Optional internal  context dependent data.

      FAULTING_MODULE:  fffff80002c64000  nt

      FAULTING_IP:  igdkmd64+1cc60

      TAG_NOT_DEFINED_202b:  *** Unknown TAG  in analysis list 202b

      fffff880`053b8630  fffffa80`0618a210 : fffff880`040b88a0  fffff8a0`02e21d19  fffffa80`03f48c10 fffff880`04833c60 : watchdog+0xa577
      fffff880`053b8638 fffff880`040b88a0 : fffff8a0`02e21d19   fffffa80`03f48c10 fffff880`04833c60 00000000`00000000 :   0xfffffa80`0618a210
      fffff880`053b8640 fffff8a0`02e21d19 :  fffffa80`03f48c10  fffff880`04833c60 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000  : dxgkrnl+0x1f8a0
      fffff880`053b8648 fffffa80`03f48c10 :  fffff880`04833c60  00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`000009d0  :  0xfffff8a0`02e21d19
      fffff880`053b8650 fffff880`04833c60 :  00000000`00000000  00000000`00000000 fffffa80`000009d0 00000000`00000000  :  0xfffffa80`03f48c10
      fffff880`053b8658 00000000`00000000 :  00000000`00000000  fffffa80`000009d0 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000  : igdkmd64+0x1cc60

      0:  kd> lmvm igdkmd64
      start             end                 module name
      fffff880`04817000  fffff880`051ef3a0   igdkmd64 T (no symbols)          
           Loaded  symbol image file: igdkmd64.sys
           Image path: igdkmd64.sys
            Image name: igdkmd64.sys
           Timestamp:        Wed Mar 31 15:47:01  2010 (4BB3D0E5)
           CheckSum:         009DC368
            ImageSize:        009D83A0
           Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4  0409.04b0 0409.04e4

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          Got a blue screen finally, rather than an instant reboot.  I am also  getting reboots as soon as the shell starts up, also instant, but this  time I actually got a dmp file.


          fffff880`0481fc60 4889542410      mov     qword ptr [rsp+10h],rdx




          Problem signature:
            Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen
            OS Version:    6.1.7600.
            Locale ID:    1033


          Additional information about the problem:
            BCCode:    116
            BCP1:    FFFFFA800412A4E0
            BCP2:    FFFFF8800481FC60
            BCP3:    0000000000000000
            BCP4:    0000000000000001

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            Intel really doesn't care.  I have actually had to recommend AMD since this happened, or at a bare mimimum go in aware that the GPU should not be used and you MUST by a discreet card.


            So far the support responses have been:

            * buy a separate graphics card

            * ask your MB manufacturer for *custom* drivers!  (this is really, staggeringly, soul crushingly idiotic)



            My only conclusion is that the integrated graphics/drivers do not work.  Intel knows this, and won't fix it.  If there is some help out there, I can't find it.