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    AC-3165 connects at only 72.2 Mbps


      I have a Dell i5-8th gen laptop with intel ac-3165 wifi adapter

      My download speed is only half (35Mbps) of what all other pc's and phones make (65-68Mbps)

      So clearly, problem is not on the router side.

      I tried all kind fo solutions, settings, new drivers etc. Nothing helped.

      Wifi adapter (laptop) is connected to router at 72.2 Mbps while my phone for example is connected at 144Mbps


      Can you please help me? This is my last hope.


      Here is result of: netsh wlan show interface


      Name          : Wi-Fi
      Description   : Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165
      GUID          : b382d8d8-12f9-4e65-82f3-2b938b16d8db
      Physical address:
      State         : connected
      SSID          :
      BSSID         :
      Network type  : Infrastructure
      Radio type    : 802.11n
      Authentication: WPA2-Personal
      Cipher        : CCMP
      Connection mode: Profile
      Channel       : 13
      Receive rate (Mbps): 72.2
      Transmit rate (Mbps): 72.2
      Signal        : 99%
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          "Channel 13" it's on 2.4GHz I suppose and it's on "n". And probably on channel with width of 20MHz. Go to device manager and see if you can change channel width for 40MHz. Before doing this check your config on the router side.

          And never post your ID or physical MAC or network IP addresses online.

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            Yes, Router is 2.4 Ghz only, b/g/n

            In wifi adapter itself I can only change setting "Channel width for 2.4 Ghz" to either "20Mhz only" or "Auto"

            On the router side there is option "Channel Width" and can be set to either "20Mhz" or "Auto (20 or 40 Mhz)"


            I tried setting both wifi adapter and router chanel width to "Auto".

            Connection stayes at 72.2Mbps


            But, on my phone, regardles if on router side is 20Mhz or Auto width, connection of phone to the router is 144Mbps.


            So this 72.2 that ac-3165 is making is exactly half of what other devices make!

            Ac-3165's tx/rx is cheap 1x1 instead of 2x2.

            Is that maybe the problem why this wifi adapter is not even capable of minimum N throughput but half of the minimum??

            Stated connection speed of adapter is 400Mbps. I guess that is possible only on a/c connection.

            Connection speed for N standard with tx/rx beeing 1x1 is N in name only and having 72.2 instead of 144 as other devices sounds logical.

            This is cheap version of real N cards.


            How I can see if adapter is connecting at 20 or 40 Mhz width, or, how I can force it to connect ot 40Mhz?


            "And never post your ID or physical MAC or network IP addresses online."



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              You can use this wi-fi scanner to see how your device behave.

              And here you can find a little bot more information. Maybe try and disable (if it's enabled) "fat channel intolerance" reading this article.

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                It is disabled already.


                I read arround a bit.

                It is definitively problem that ac-3165 is cheap 1x1 tx/rx

                So, 72.2 Mhz is max speed it can connect on n network with 20Mhz width.

                Having in mind that in my router settings I cannot choose 40Mhz width, but only 20 or Auto, and having in mind that same setting is in wireless router, it ends up always connecting at 20Mhz width, hence 72.2 max connection.


                So, this is it.

                I'll buy a/c router.


                Thanks for help