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    Where to find drivers for old wireless adapters?




      I want to ask where I can find drivers for old wireless adapters if I need? Because how we can see here Intel removed a lot of drivers from official site.

      The problem is those drivers were the most recent you could find on the Internet. And now they are gone.

      The question is where I can download drivers for those network adapters now?

      What should I do in the case I have Intel® WiMAX/WiFi Link 5150? There is no inbox drivers in any Windows versions that I use. And this network adapter still very useful.


      From Intel quote:

      "We can't continue to update legacy drivers that are no longer supported.     // So do not update just leave the last version.
      Protecting our customers’ data and ensuring the security of our products are top priorities at Intel.    // Just mark that those products are outdated and could present security risks. Just leave the drivers.
      We'll provide only drivers that have the most recent security mitigations applied.     // So provide drivers for more recent adapters. Just leave the last drivers for legacy ones.

      You may check with your system manufacturer to see if they still provide drivers for your system.    // My manufacturer drivers are even more outdated that Intel had on their own site. They present even more risks than drivers you had.
      In addition, there may be an inbox driver available depending upon the wireless adapter and Windows* Operating System.":     // For some adapters there is no Windows OS drivers. Just leave the drivers.