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    IMSM 8.8 raid-5 rebuilding all the time


      Hi, i'm running a raid-5 with IMSM 8.8 on Win XP x64. ICH10R.


      It has worked perfectly fine for 4 months, until last week. Suddenly IMSM told me the raid was rebuilding, i haven't lost any disks nor had any bluescreens or restarts of my computer. My system is on 24/7, and i got nothing else than IMSM & utorrent installed.


      So then i waited about 2 days until the rebuild finally was complete. I could still access my files during the rebuild, but the write speed was horrible.


      So everything looked good after the rebuild, but it didn't take more than 1 day before IMSM told me it was rebuilding my raid AGAIN..


      Got home from work today and i was happy to see my raid had finished rebuilding. First thing i did was to stream a movie. When the movie had finished, i wanted to cry cause guess what... The raid is rebuilding for the third time this week..


      So anyone know what's happening here?


      I can't really think of anything. I've got nothing but IMSM & uTorrent on the computer, and the system seems to be healthy. Haven't had any bluescreens or crashes..


      My power supply is decent, and my harddrives looks to be healthy.



      Any tip is much appreciated!



      BTW: Got 3 TB of data i don't wanna loose. Is this a heads-up for backing up all my files fast as hell before the whole thing is breaking down?

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          Version 8.8 should be stable, so two things come to mind:


          1. Perhaps you do have a hard drive failing intermittently. Although I would think the software should tell you the hard drive is offline or failing. I would check the SATA and power connections are secure.


          2. The array sometimes rebuilds when the computer didn't shut off or reboot correctly. I've never seen the software just start rebuilding randomly.


          I would check the hard drive SMART data and do a hard drive test to make sure one of your drives isn't failing.


          The rebuild times are also significantly faster in the new rapid storage driver. But really you shouldn't be rebuilding for no reason.

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            Thank you hechacker1.


            I followed your steps and opened up my PC case to check all the SATA cables. I couldn't find anything wrong, and all the SATA connectors were plugged in. I did notice though that my PC case door was putting pressure on the SATA connectors as there were no space to breathe between the HDD and the PC case door. I managed to give them a little bit more space, and after this the raid haven't been rebuilding. So problem solved Thanks!