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    HVKV1 vs HVKV2




      I have had a problem with defective cooler as described here Vibration and Noise in midrange : Fan problem?


      I was kindly offered by Intel support a money back for a defective unit, so I bought another NUC for replacement (no alternative for me on the market) on the trip


      I have not had a chance yet to check how quiet it’s cooler is, will do it as soon as I get home, but I wonder what the difference is between HVK2 and HVK1, because the defective one is HVK2 (manufactured in June) and “new” one I bought is HVK1 (manufactured in May)


      I could not google any information on the internet, so there should not be much of a difference, just wondering


      P.s. For both, as per stickers below the unit, the regulatory model is NUC8HV, the same