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    Using both mini displayports at the same time does not work


      I have a nuc8i7hnk with three dell U2415 daisychained connected through one mini display port which works fine. If I remove one monitor from the chain and connect it to the other mini display port that monitor does not light up. I reviewed the input settings on the monitor. I disconnect the two daisychained monitors then the single monitor lights up (after reboot).  Can both mini display ports be active at the same time?


                                                  _____Monitor____Monitor____Monitor                                                    Monitor___                    ___Monitor___Monitor

                                                 /                                                                                                                                     \                 /

                             __mdp___mdp_____                                                                                                                ___mdp_____mdp___

                             |          N U C            |                 Works                                                                                     |            N U C              |                              The single monitor does not light up

                             |________________|                                                                                                               |__________________|                              The two daisychained monitors work