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    Intel DG965SS Motherboard questions


      Hello, all.


      This is my first post on the Intel Community Boards and I hope that I am doing this correctly. (When you are 67 and somewhat IT tech challenged, it is always a hit or miss proposition.) (grin)


      I recently was given a used Intel DG965SS motherboard.  I have a few questions on it and whether or not it is "toast".  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Here goes:


      1.  From the git-go when the motherboard was new (approximately 3-4 years ago), this motherboard would not accept the on-board video driver install.  (Note that the former owner was using a PCIe video card so, would that explain why the on-board video drivers "FAILED" during driver install?)


      2.  Last week after a reformat of the hard drive and a clean install of Windows XP Media Center (and with the same PCIe video card and a Linsys USB 54g Wireless adapter also plugged in), during the Intel motherboard driver installations, the attempted drive installation again gave the "FAILED" notation for the video driver installation PLUS it now gave a "FAILED" notation under the Intel Network PRO Conneciton option.  (I cannot remember if the on-board network connection was enabled or disabled in the BIOS.  Would that make a difference as to this NIC "FAILED" notation?)


      3. I think that the motherboard currently has a Pentium 4 cpu (i.e., not a dual core or something higher).  It might be possible that the board has a Duo-Core (Is there such a thing?).  I do know that the cpu was purchased 3-4 years ago so that's the only thing I am going on at this time.  I think that at the time of purchase, this cpu was the last iteration of cpu before any "dual" designated cpu came out ..or as it was just hitting the market  If necessary, I can pull off the fan and check but I rather leave well enough alone.


      What are some of the Intel cpus that are compatible with this board?


      4.  The board was running 2 gig of dual channel Corsair "Value Select" DDR2 (800MHz) memory in bank 0.  Is 800 MHz the fastest memory that this motherboard can operate at?


      What is the largest "two-stick" dual channel memory I can run on this board?  Two 2 gig dual channel sticks? And, if I chose to do so, could I run two banks of 4 gig dual channel--for a total of 8 gig memory?


      Also, assuming that 800MHz is the fasted the memory will operate on this motherboard, will this board accept a higher MHz memory (but, of course, still operate at the 800MHz rate)?  In other words, could I put in faster memory (i.e., such as the Corsair Twinx PC8500 C5  1066MHz) and have the motherboard still operate?


      If I can (and do) run any memory faster than 800 MHz, do I have to make any jumper setting modifications to the motherboard?


      Are there any brands of memory that are incompatible with this motherboard?  The only reason I am asking this question is becuase I recently found out that a certain 2 gig dual channel 800 MHz set of PNY was incompatible with another motherboard.  Fry's advised me that this particular PNY memory was known to have compatibility problems with certain motherboards.  This was the first time I had heard about memory incompatibility, hence, my question here.


      Finally (and the initial reason for my foray into the Intel Community Bulletin Board), the Intel DG965SS motherboard has onboard video (Intel C965Express Chiposet featuring Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3000).  What is the highest resolution rate for this onboard video and what is the video memory size for this onboard video?


      Thank you in advance for any and all assistance and information in these regards.  I am trying to rescue this motherboard for a needy family and I'm trying to determine if this motherboard is toast and/or so antiquated that a new technology motherboard might be a better and more economical option.


      Best regards,



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          Hello Mike,


          Welcome to the Intel (R) Support Community.


          Most of the answers should be in the Technical Product Specs.



          Question 1:

          - Probably, it could be due to this; as if the owner was using an external gfx card, this would mean that the onboard gfx would be disabled automatically by default and hence if you are trying to install the onboard gfx driver, it may not install due to the absence of the device.


          Question 2:

          - If there is any yellow bang under deivce manager, let me know the device id, i may help further.

             I would assume that you have installed all the latest service packs and updates for windows and then install all the latest drivers for the board from the Intel website and also the latest drivers for the pcie card and wireless adapter.



          Question 3:

          - There are different ways to identify the CPU.

            Most reliable one is to get the SL number markings from the CPU itself; you will need to remove the heatsink and get the readings from the cpu metal core. Then check the SL number from http://ark.intel.com or http://processorfinder.intel.com/

            Another way is to use the Processor ID utility:



          CPU compability for the board:



          Note: before upgrading to any cpu model, make sure to install the latest bios first.


          Question 4 & 5:

          Most information on the memory compatibility can be found on:



          Question 6:

          All information on the GFX onboard:


          Page 23-24


          All the best,


          Kind Regards,


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            Hi, Aryan.


            Thank you for the wonderful URL links.  I have been reading them and the underlying documents for the last tow days.  In addition, I have downloaded the latest drivers that you also so kindly referenced.


            In reading the material, both the following link ( http://pixel01.cps.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dg965ss/sb/CS-026600.htm ) and the motherboard tech spec .pdf you referenced, I'm not certain I understand some of the information being stated.  In this regard, I found two statements that are unclear to me, to-wit:


            1.  System Memory Features:


            8 GB maximum total system memory using DDR2 667 or DDR2 533 DIMMs

            4 GB maximum total system memory using DDR2 800 DIMMs




            Am I reading this correctly?  If I choose to use the faster 800 MHz memory, I am restricted to only 4 GBs?  Why is that?  Why would I not be able to use 8 GBs of any such DIMMs used?


            If restricted to 4 GBs, does it matter if I use two sets of 1 GB dual channel versus one set of 2 GB dual channel?


            Is there an advantage of using 8 GBs of slower 667 MHz versus 4 GBs of 800 MHz? Or vice versa?


            What would result if I attempted to use one set of 8GB dual channel DDR2 800 memory or two sets of 4GB dual channel DDR2 800 memory?  Will the motherboard only “use” 4GB of the memory (and “disregard” the other 4GB of installed memory), or, worse yet, could such an attempt destroy the motherboard?


            2.  Supported DIMM Configurations:


            DIMM Type            Processor System bus freq            Resulting memory frequency


            DDR2 800            800 MHZ                                        800 MHz

            DDR2 800            1066 MHz                                        800MHz




            I’m not certain that I understand the information being conveyed here.  Dose the above mean that I can use either DDR2 800MHz or DDR2 1066 MHz and that in either case the fastest memory speed will be 800 MHz?


            Also, would you please clarify how DDR2 800 can be 1066 MHz?  Why is not the 1066MHz memory referred to as DDR2 1066?  Is there, in fact, such a thing as DIMM type DDR2 1066?


            I apologize for asking such "newbie" questions


            Thank you (or any other forum board members)  for any clarification info you can provide in these regards.





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              Hi, Aryan. (and everyone else)


              Following up on your prior reply to me...I have since decided to update my profile and I'll be darned if I can seem to do this.  I keep getting asked for my username and password.


              I assume that my username is "Mike Sturgeon" since that is how my posts are appearing in this forum.  I have also tried my email address as my user name but, again, to no avail.


              I thought that my password was one of two that I frequently use but neither works with either my name of "Mike Sturgeon" or with my email address name.


              I then tried to get my password using the "Forgot your password?" feature but I am again stymied in tat I cannot send myself the password either using my "Mike Sturgeon" name of my email address.


              Any help you could give me so that I can update my profile anfd then remember my Intel Community Board's username and password would be greatly appreciated.


              Thank you in advance.