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    Usb and BIOS problem on NUC5CPHY


      I recently made a test of copying image of hard drive into a usb hard drive. I use a jmicron usb to sata adapter. The hard drive i put in the adapter had 2 partitions. One for cloning software which is acronis true image if you guys need to know, and one was empty for storing images. After it was done i messed something with the OS which was debian so i copied the image i had backed up at the test. The restore failed which i believe its not a NUC problem and a software problem, also by saying restore failed i mean that it completed restore successfully but nuc did not boot from restored hard drive. But something worse happened. Now I cant boot from anything except the hard drive of NUC. It simply sees all uefi usb drives as a jmicron and when i try to boot from one, it returns to boot menu. And for legacy ones, it just boots to internal hard drive when i select it. I tryed to restore the bios but i dont know what gone wrong. I tried both jumper and power button to try restoring bios with a .bio file I downloaded and yes its the correct file I double checked. Nothing happens. When I choose restore bios, the nuc powers off and on 2 times and nothing happens. Same pre-restore bios revision, same pre-restore settings nothing was touched. And this happened with 4 different usb sticks each with same file on them. How can i fix this ?

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          Remove the HDD with the restored system from your NUC. Live only SIDIMM memory installed. Now, in this minimal hardware configuration. recover your Bios by pressing F4 form Power Boot Menu or, by using Secure Jumper Removed method.



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            Nothing changed, same untouched bios, same untouched settings, same recognition of all usb devices as jmicron. Isnt there a way to hardware flash the bios ? Also strange thing is it can boot from usb to sata adapter that corrupted the bios. But nothing except that. Maybe i can manipulate it by copying OS installation files to the backup hard drive and connect it via that evil jmicron adapter. Which would not solve the problem but at least NUC would be usable again.

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              I wasnt able to fix the bios corruption, so i ended up completely disabling uefi. Even though intel says that not using uefi mode doesnt make device manager happy, it didnt made a problem for me both on debian and win10. Legacy booting works just fine. Theres just a small graphical glitch which causes boot selection menu to be displayed on a low resolution and a unbelievable lag but lag issue only happened to me in custom grub distributions such as the ones that come with rosa linux (continuation of mandriva) and manjaro. Maybe installing a usb driver in windows may fix the usb issue.