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    X25M RAID 0 and GC....


      Hi.... emailing Intel support, the gentleman states there is no GC for Intels SSD's in a RAID array (since there is no TRIM).


      Is this the absolute fact?


      Thank you.

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          No, and in fact pretty much all users who monitor system performance are observing the same characteristic.  The ssds, in RAID, are returning back to their normal performance results shortly after large deletions.  Since we know that deletions without the clearing of the cells is what is responsible for observable ssd performance loss, something must be occurring.  I have always stood fast that, in fact, TRIM is working in all RAID modes except for 5 however Intel has made a public response stating that TRIM does not work.  It would be especially confusing if they were to deny improved garbage collection of the new driver package as well.


          The simple fact is that only TRIM or the more effective garbage collection of the new 9.6RST drivers can be responsible for the performance return shortly after deletions ON the RAID drive.  It is a logical and definitive process where large deletions are made, performance slows noticeably because of the lack of TRIM/GC, something occuring which has to be TRIM/GC and then the performance return.


          Good luck getting Intel to clarify however....been there done that.



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            As of this moment, I will have to agree with you. My RAID 0, which I have been monitoring for the past few weeks, appears to be doing some form of maintenance. I have the latest Intel RST drivers installed. My system is being used as always, I create, edit, install, delete files, play games and whatever else on a regular basis. Granted, it has only been a few weeks, but I believe some form of maintaining is going on. I read on Anands site about SSD's, and he says Intel SSD's are the hardest working SSD's at keeping themselves in top shape. Anyway, I hope this continues for a long while. Think I'll keep these X25M drives.


            Thank you for your assist,


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              Yup similar responses everywhere... So Intel says no TRIM and no GC but something is up...


              My bet is that there is TRIM and it is functioning.  If you look at the latest from Intel...it even says it there: